The way one sits on a chair, similarly practicing sitting without a chair is called Utkatasana. First the seeker should stand upright. After that, the practice of bringing the thighs and knees in parallel while doing the body slowly downwards. When it is possible, then after lifting the heel by resting the toe of both feet only on the ground, the entire weight of the body should be put on the toes or thumbs of both the feet.
This posture has been mentioned in the Gherand Samhita that both the toes should be lifted up with the help of the two toes in the ground and the cavity should be placed on the ankles. This is uttakasana. This is different from the above method.

अंगुष्ठाभ्यामवष्टभ्य धरां गुल्फे च रवे गतौ।

तत्रोपरि गुदं न्यस्य विज्ञेयमुत्कटासनम्।।

Women should not practice uttakasana.

Benefits of Utkatasana

People who have weak legs, they get great benefit from this asana. It also benefits the waist. The rectum is purified by practicing this asana. Malvirgans occur freely. The calf gets enough force. The light of the eye increases. Apanavayu has an upward attraction. The water men stand up with the help of uttakasana and draw water after purifying the rectum by lifting the tap in the form of a noose.
The practice of uttakasana relieves gridhasi, typhus, breathing problems and weakness and brings strength in the thigh and legs.

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