Vakasana The practice of Vakasana is called placing both hands on the ground by filling the right foot in the right armpit and the left foot in the left armpit, with the toes crossed. There are many ways to practice this. The practitioner of this asana should keep the paws of both the hands on the ground, raise both knees with the help of arms and lift the entire body including the legs. This is also done by keeping the knees in, one knee in and one out. The entire body is balanced on the claws of the hands. One method of practicing this asana is to keep the practitioner’s feet close to each other and stand upright. While leaning down at the waist, he should hold the left toes with his hands and raise the right leg as much as possible, and keep the left leg very straight.

While practicing Vakasana with this method, he should take care that the knee of any leg should not be bent. In this way, both legs should be manipulated. Breathing should be exhaled while bending the waist. Keep the posture as natural and when breathing back, the breath should be drawn in the first position.

Benefits of Vakasana

The body remains balanced

With the practice of development, blood circulation in the brain is fine. This asana makes the muscles of the hands, feet and wrists strong. Relaxes the lower back and brings balance in the pulse. The body remains balanced. Power comes in the arms, lungs remain innocent and pure and you feel very hungry.

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