A practitioner of Vatayanasana must first stand upright and look at a target. The left knee should bend with the left foot facing the right thigh, in the same manner as in semi-ceremonies. The two hands should be folded forward in the prayer posture on the chest. The right foot should be bent to bring the body down as far as possible by bending it at the knee.

If possible, the left knee should be rested on the ground. After this, the order should come to the first position.

Benefits of Vatayanasana

Vatayanasana removes gout and diseases related to gout. There is strength in the nerves of the feet, making the joints of the knees flexible. The function of the kidneys starts naturally; polymorphism or diabetes insipidus is destroyed. The semen is confirmed by this asana. This posture is forbidden for women.

This posture is forbidden for women

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