The practitioner of Vriksasana should first stand upright on the ground. After that, while inhaling slowly, raise both hands and keep them in a straight line on the side of the head. This is the short method of tree administration. Maharishi Ghernd has described the method of tree administration in another way. He is proud to keep his right foot on the thigh of his left foot and stand upright like a tree with one foot. It is also done twice by manipulating the feet.

वामोरूमूलदेशे च याम्यपादं निधाय च।

तिष्ठेत्तु वृक्षवद् भूमौ वृक्षासनमिदं विदुः।।

The feet and the chest pain are destroyed by this asana. There is strength in the body and stability in the mind. It is also called Ashwatthasana.

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