Vrischikarana is said to be an important asana just like the headstand[shirshasana]. A little effort is also made on the method of headstand.

How to do Vrischikarana

This asana is practiced by lying on the stomach with the elbows raised above the elbows, bending the legs back towards the head. In the practice of this asana, it is necessary to first resort to the wall, just like the practice of headstand in raising the legs. When practiced slowly, it can be practiced without the support of the wall. The part of the hands from the elbow to the claw is deposited on the ground and with the wall, the practitioner brings both the legs up. After this, the legs should be bent from the knees and keep slightly above the head. Many people practice this asana by making the body dependent and balanced only on the toes of the hands.

Such practice of Vrischikasana is Vastika Vardasak Vrischikasana, one should practice placing the soles of the feet on the head or slightly above the knees by raising the claws of your hands on the ground and lifting the legs boldly with the wall, bending the legs from the knees. This posture is forbidden for women.

Benefits of Vrischikarana

This posture brings strength to the arms and body. There is purification of the stomach and intestines, and there is a renewal in the body. The person practicing this asana digs up the fierce water. This posture in the pulse brings stability. Piles disease is destroyed. There is adequate blood circulation in the brain and pituitary gland, the practitioner receives control over the nectar center of the cervix.

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