Western Pranayama

Public health officials of Western countries, convinced of Pranayama’s disease-resistant, curative and potent properties, have introduced breathing exercises b

ased on many compound principles, which are mentioned below.

First action: Like a soldier ‘ Standing in a careful ‘posture’, inhale deeply and raise both your hands above the front. Your arms should be touching the ear. Release the breath, slowly bringing the arms down. Do this exercise for 3-4 minutes.

Usage: Deep air breathing results in the eclipse of pure air and the abandonment of carbon dioxide. As a result, the respirator is strong and the blood is purified and disease-resistant power increases in the body. It relieves colds.

Second action: Stand in a ‘careful’ posture like a soldier and with the fist closed, spread both hands in front of the shoulder. Taking deep breaths, take both hands to the side and take them back. While exhaling, bring your hands to the front. Practice this activity for 3-4 minutes.

Usage: The practice of this activity makes the chest shape, breathing and heart are strong. Practitioners never fall prey to cold, cold, influenza, typhoid and pneumonia.

Third action: Stand in a ‘careful’ posture like a soldier. Raise and inhale by bending the right foot from near the knee and exhale while keeping the foot on the ground. Repeat the same action from left toe. In this way, practice for 3-4 minutes.

Usage: Vata disease is overcome by its practice. Evolutionary disease and catarrh is overcome.

Fourth action: Sit straight on the chair and keep both hands on the knees. Inhale slowly and release. Do this exercise for 3-4 minutes.

Uses: In this action all the qualities of Pranayama are present. It makes the heart and respirator strong.

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      Pranayam is very helpful for problems related to respiratory system. Your doing a great job. Thank you for sharing such information

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