A healthy mind  resides only in a healthy body. the principal is for success of the efforts of both Universal and otherworldly healthy body is essential for this .Adhering To the rules of diet- Bihar han is very important in education. In  the Bhagawad  Gita, it is clearly stated that those who are not  ‘Yuktahaviharviha’ Cannot get any success in life.

 Yoga Sutra have two parts- hatha yoga and raja yoga.

 In hatha yoga , the teaching of Asanas is- asanas provide healing and strength. the design of the  rugs is such that the exercise of the body part-suffix. For example, mayurasan exercise all the intestines,  so that there is no complaint of indigestion and air,

Pranavayu  meets pranavayu  and improve air is released mirch ,Spice etc. also Forbidden in Hata yoga like Bhagavad Gita.

 Raja and Tamas are the absolute renunciation of food. A rajas man  who eats spicy food is angry, greedy and sorrowful due to that diet, and a man who eats Tapas is lazy, long-tempered  and pragmatic. which is called  satvik diet   in hatha Yoga leads to the growth of virtues and increase health and strength.

Man’s life is a sum of  his three levels.




 If we look at these three levels combined with yoga  in human  life ,Then we will find that the importance of yoga in human life is linked to three levels in order. 

First- The importance of yoga at the  physical level 

The rule of the body holds a very important place in every action of man. the physical system is balanced through yoga.  we Can not the entire energy sources of the body in the entirety  of yoga and can use it in good faith. Through yoga practice all the diseases of the body and we can remove thoughts and make it strong.

Second- the importance of yoga at the mental level

The excessive  emphasis of yoga  even the mind hopes man because the goal of yoga is to curb the attitudes of the mind i.e, to make the mind clean and healthy . Most of man’s problems are mental because man’s mind is fickle, his journey is always towards the past and future. its nature is not to remain in the present state, that is why the human mind becomes obsessed with other disorders, Worries and bad habits. Yoga is a  psychological thought in which the mental state of a human being  becomes organised and well planned, that is the human mind becomes Like A Mirror with yoga. due to which pictures are made of his mind, but the pictures remain untouched by him.

Thirdly- importance of yoga At The Spiritual level

 The soul was neither in bondage, nor can it be, because it is the nature of the soul to remain free or to remained independent, it is impossible to put it in bondage. if you try to understand deeply, we  will find that there is no problem at the spiritual level o,  it is self- illuminated, it can never cover the darkness. so here a question arises as  to  why then we talk  about the Liberation of the soul. a simple answer can be given to this and the answer is dead man always considered himself as a body and lives on a physical level. if he leaves life in more that then he reaches the level of mind then he spends his time in knowing the level of mind and it is a very difficult think to understand the mind because of mind is too broad to understand the mind on the human mind would have wasted all its life. in this way, man does  not reached the level of soul and he cannot know anything of the soul.  if man has knowledge of the soul, that only in the form of words, he has never seen the soul.


yoga is more important because compound  action and take man beyond body and mind and interview the nature of the soul.

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