Yoga practice


 In order to practice yoga asanas correctly, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Similarly, it is very important for the Yogi To vigorously  practice the ideal routine. this thing should be discussed in detail here.

1. By the way, yoga Aasan can be started at any time, but if it is started from the autumn,that is considered the best season to start the asanas.

2. Asanas  should be done only after retiring from defecation, but if you want to take a bath this can be done even if you don’t bathe.

3.Asanas  are considered more useful in the pure environment till morning Sunrise, even after sunset, you can do asanas.

4.Keeping in mind the ability of the body in asanas. only bend and tilt the body as easily as possible.It is not appropriate to force unnecessarily with the body.

5. There should be no such thing as computing in doing yoga. Do not keep any  misconduct or tension in mind while doing asanas.

6. Doing yoga is more useful under the guidance of an experienced guru.

7. Asanas  should be done on an empty stomach, but if you want, you can take tea, coffee or milk before doing Asanas. Allow at least four hours to pass after a full meal and you can have a meal after half an hour of asanas.Drinking a glass of cold and fresh water before asanas is beneficial.

8.Smallest possible body remains active while doing Aasan but the brain remains inactive, aware and alert.

9.  Firstly yogasana , then Pranayama and finally meditation should be in order.

10.shavasana must be done after completing the practice of asanas.

11.The stomach and bowels should be empty before doing the asana, also  the bladder  is empty.

12.Women  should not do Asanas  during the menstrual cycle , Asanas can be done by women in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

13. If you are suffering from Vertigo for high blood pressure disease, it is not good to do headstand or sarvangasana  in the beginning. asanas which have forward bending function , these are beneficial for people suffering from high or low blood pressure.

14. Aasan is being done correctly, it is recognised that the body and mind experience lightness and cheerfulness when doing the poster in the right way.

15. The practitioner  requires  discipline, faith and reverence in the poster. it is also important to practice regularly.

16.Do not do  Aasan after a sun bath for a long time and it is Forbidden to do Aasan even after being out in the sun for several hours.

17.While doing the Aasan, wear clothes ( as per the weather and physical ability) as required. clothes are so that while doing posters do not interrupt.  The chest should not be kept open.

18. Immediately  after doing the Aasan, one should not come out In strong  wind or cold. If you want to bathe after Aasan, it would be better to bathe after at least one hour.

19. As far as the seating position is concerned, the following rules should be followed in this regard ;

(1). Morning- East facing

(2).Evening -west facing

(3) anytime- north facing

20. The best time to do Aasan is between 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. After retirement from the defecation and before meals.


While doing Sitting postures, the spinal cord,waist, back and neck etc. should be kept straight.

 One should not Rush in the practice of hard Asanas.It is necessary to practice before turning more into the posture of the folded body parts. While doing the asana, Inhale through the nose. Shavasana  should be done when you experience  fatigue. The sick ,thrifty and obese person should Bring the body to normal state with the right medicine for appropriate posture. While doing the asana,inhale should be Exhaled when the stomach is pressed and inhale on the outbreak. While doing the asana ,there must be faith in the health benefits from it.

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